How to create a Travel Agency website with no coding skils

I created the part that shows vacations posts in a couple of minutes with this plugin: Panda Live Search & Custom Fields.

First of all you can use any WordPress theme, and you need to have a self-hosted WordPress install. In my video tutorial i used the Pix WordPress theme, you can find it here:

Second, you can use this plugin to customise you website like adding Custom Posts, Custom Fileds and the nice Live Search panel with Filters for custom fields.

In this video there are 4 chapters:

  1. The result
  2. Add Custom Post: vacations
  3. Add custom fields for the Vacations posts
  4. Add Live Search and choose filters to show

Between you will see how to create a page to list your posts from Vacations  (copy-paste the vacations shortcode in a page and publish it). The same is with the Search page: copy-paste the search vacations shortcode in a page and publish it. No coding skils required.

Halloween Wordpress plugin Panda

Happy Halloween 2016

This year I want to share with you a nice plugin that could “change” your site, in a good way, for the days left until Halloween and even on Halloween’s day. It’s about a WordPress plugin named Halloween Panda plugin. It’s for all of you that have WordPress and it does’t mather what theme you have installed. Did I mention that it’s Free? Yes, this WordPress plugin it is free.

Check this out:

Dress up your WordPress website with monsters, pumpkins, ghosts, scary carrots, bats and witches.

What features will you find:

  • Pop-ups with quotes, some one them are animated;
  • Monsterfall with pumpkins & bats;
  • Website decorations with pumpkis, carrots, ghosts.

In the Admin you can:

  • Manage decorations
  • Enable/Disable monsterfall
  • Manage popups

If you like the ideea you can download it from here:

Tip: Here’s a video on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Not yet convinced, look here:

You can visit for more WordPress Themes & Plugins.